Rassi G. Borneo portrait

Headshot portrait of Rassi G. Borneo – photographer for TimeLine Media

Thanks for checking out my photographer blog! My attempt is to share my images on my own web space. Social media is nice, but having your own blog is like having the best home-field advantage where you can welcome visitors to your own space of your design. Plus, I can make the images as large as I can – bigger is always better for photos đŸ™‚

Like all photographers, I like to make photos. What would make you come back to read is the why I make them, and why I made them a particular way. My point of view is the only thing that makes me different from someone else who may have better equipment, more experience, or more of a following.

I hope to learn more about myself through these posts, and hopefully tell an engaging story along the way. So you will see a lot of photos from the northern Virginia, metro Washington DC area, ballroom dancers, fashion shows, headshots of people in business, and my friend and family. Photography has given me access and practice to make the best images in a lot of challenging scenarios, and the results can be fun to view many times over. Wish me luck in trying to keep this thing updated!

©TimeLine Media - photographer for Tysons Corner Center

©TimeLine Media – photographer for Tysons Corner Center


©TimeLine Media - photographer for Arthur Murray DC Dance studios

©TimeLine Media – photographer for Arthur Murray DC Dance studios

To see more of my work on social networks, you can find me here:

Porfolio Website: http://www.timelinedc.com
Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/timelinemedia
Twitter Feed: http://www.twitter.com/rassigborneo
Instagram Feed: http://www.instagram.com/rassigborneo

When you are ready please contact me by any of these means. Thanks again for viewing my blog!


Rassi Borneo
phone: (703) 864-8208
email: rassi [at] timelinedc.com

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