First week

I have worked my first week with a working professional photographer in downtown Washington D.C. It has been a lot of work, looking at images, reviewing, converting, uploading, ordering. Not only do I have to do these tasks, but I have to learn the workflow of someone else. Being that she is a very successful photographer with a lot of jobs to work on, I am getting into the groove as quickly as I can. There is much more to do on the back end than I thought, a little overwhelming actually!

A new (used) Nikon D200 arrived today. This was a needed tool for me to continue my new career path. My aging D100 is no longer acceptable as a “professional” tool. I hope the new body will serve me as well as the old! I downloaded a freeware program, Opanda IExif to see that the used D200 only had 1400 actuations on the shutter prior to my receiving it. Good news as I need practice with this thing before my next wedding!

Although I have not heard comments on my images that they are not professional, sometimes you need to upgrade your camera gear if that is holding you back. Presently, the new job has given me the funds to invest in a new camera body. With this purpose in mind, it will hopefully be a good investment as I can get more work soon. Subsequently, I may have better images to post to the blog soon!


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