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New Jersey State Open Sale Ending | Dancesport Photographer

Atlantic City, NJ

It was another great weekend of dance photography! On Saturday, we covered the DC Area Arthur Murray Fall Showcase event. I am now working through all the files from the event and I hope to have them uploaded by Friday. Stay tuned to the blog or the TimeLine Media Facebook page for the latest updates. I cannot way to share these images with you! It was so much fun to see all the new routines from the Rock and Roll theme – both the dancing and the music really made the time fly. Until they are ready, please view the photos from the 2014 New Jersey State Open. The early-bird sale from this event ends tonight, Monday, November 17, 2014. To view the images from this event click the link below:

General Dancing at the NJSO - ©TimeLine Media
General Dancing at the NJSO – ©TimeLine Media

I know I have not been blogging as regularly the last few weeks, and it is because I have been catching up with all the photo shoots I have been doing. I have not even gone through all the photos from this event to pick out my favorites to keep in the portfolio! In the quick look I did for this post, I know I have to do that soon. There were some great images from the professional Rising Star and Open Professional shows.

Professional Competition

Smooth Open Pro at New Jersey State Open - ©TimeLine Media
Smooth Open Pro at New Jersey State Open – ©TimeLine Media
American Rhythm competition - ©TimeLine Media
American Rhythm competition – ©TimeLine Media

There were also some other entertainment to go along with the ballroom dancing. The Lindy Hop All Stars and magician David Darwin rounded out the main show. Thanks to everyone that visited the website over the past three weeks. I have sent a lot of prints all around the country and I am sure the digital files have been sent even farther and faster! Please send the link to anyone that attended the competition and have not yet seen their photos. They will be available to view on the website until next March, it is only the pricing for items that will go up starting tomorrow.

American Rhythm at New Jersey State Open - ©TimeLine Media
American Rhythm at New Jersey State Open – ©TimeLine Media
American Smooth dance competition - ©TimeLine Media
American Smooth dance competition – ©TimeLine Media

TimeLine Media –

New Jersey State Open photos uploading | Dancesport Photographer

We have completed the sorting of the photos from last weekend’s New Jersey State Open! It is a manual process, we do not have any special software to sort these, so it does take some time. All the images have been sorted by the Gentlemen’s number that was worn during competitive heats. There are bound to be some mistakes in how we have categorized photos, so if there are any errors please let me know by email. I would not want anyone to miss out on seeing their photos! The upload has just started, so it will take most of the day until all the photos ready to view. No password will be needed to access them at the website here:

New Jersey State Open - ©TimeLine Media
New Jersey State Open – ©TimeLine Media

We will post to the TimeLine Media Facebook page as soon as the photos are ready, and I will also send out an email to everyone on the email list. You can sign up at the bottom of this blog post, or at the proofing website above. If you have any trouble finding your photos from the weekend, please let me know. There are over 10,000 photos total, so I know it may be hard to find your images in the collection.

The Polish Prince- ©TimeLine Media
The Polish Prince- ©TimeLine Media

Thanks again to the organizers that put on a great event. All the heats ran on time or early, and the atmosphere was perfect for seeing and meeting other dancers. We hope that you enjoy all the sights from a great weekend, and we hope to see you at another competition very soon!

New Jersey State Open - ©TimeLine Media
New Jersey State Open – ©TimeLine Media

TimeLine Media

Atlantic City, NJ | Dancesport Photographer

Thanks for the organizers from the New Jersey State Open for an amazing weekend! We just came back from the Bally’s Atlantic City where the dancesport competition was held last Friday and Saturday. Congratulations for the dancers that performed so well on the floor, and also the organiers, judges, and officials that ran a very smooth and efficient event! Most heats were run early, and the heats were very full over the two days. The Traymore ballroom was beautiful for photos, and I am going through them now for processing, and will have them uploaded to the proofing site by the end of the week. To add you name to the email list, you can leave your address at the event here:

2014 New Jersey State Open - Atlantic City, NJ ©TimeLine Media
2014 New Jersey State Open – ©TimeLine Media

Washington, DC

In other website news, I am extending the early-bird sale on the 2014 DC Dance Challenge until next Monday, November 3, 2014. I have received some requests, and I am really busy trying to get the photos from last weekend out, so it will work for both sides! The sale is for 15% off any purchases which includes prints, canvases, albums, or digital downloads. Thanks to everyone that has already visited the site and placed orders – we appreciate your support! There are still images from that event that I want to feature on the blog, so stay tuned if you have not yet been to the site to see them.

DC Dance Challenge - ©TimeLine Media
DC Dance Challenge – ©TimeLine Media

Since we are coming to the end of the year, we are gearing up for more holiday family photos, and event photos. I still have some spots available, so contact me if you need refreshed headshot photos, or photos for holiday mailing. I know this is something I have to do myself, so plan to have them done soon – the end of the year will be here before you know it!

TimeLine Media

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