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How to Curate a Gallery Wall in Your Home

Bold Presentation

In conjunction with other photography studios, I contributed to the Redfin blog. Given that they are a leading real estate website, dynamic images of homes and lifestyle are important to their clientele. Although they target people searching for a new home, they also provide resources on their blog for new homeowners now enjoying and setting up their new living space.

curate a gallery in your home with large, bold prints ©TimeLine Media

Curate a Gallery for Home

With this in mind, they reached out to photographers to give them some content about presenting photos in your home. Hanging photos is not a novel idea, however, there are many new options that update this decorating tradition. Regardless of your camera, these are available to you directly from print labs. Of course, I hope you would contact me to provide awesome images for your walls, but these options can be made from your smartphone! To see the article, here is the link on their website:

How to Curate a Gallery Wall in Your Home – Redfin

In reviewing the other contributions, there are some great suggestions for displaying photos! Because of our eyes being so calibrated to tiny screens from our phones, tablets, and computer monitors, these large prints make an impact! If you do not feel inspired by any of the images in your library currently, contact me and I would be happy to give you some ideas!

TimeLine Media –

Milwaukee, WI

Another summer with another work-related trip to the Mid-west. At this time, Milwaukee Wisconsin was the destination. Prior to this trip, I have never visited.

This, however, was by special request by my cousin, Renato. He has always been a very gifted artist with the visual and performing arts since we were young. This would be the first time I would see him perform in his home place in front of his home crowd. It was also nice to visit Renato in Milwaukee, a city I’ve never visited in his recently acquired 100-year old house. Thanks for the accommodations!

I was honored that he asked me to document the happenings of the 8th Annual Umali Awards, at the Green Gallery East, as well as watch him perform with two bands at the Bremen Cafe.

This was the first time I had really seen Renato stressed with all of the planning and logistics of getting something like this put together. I suppose I usually only seem him when he is on vacation, so his blood, sweat, and almost tears were seen until a needed video cable for the projector were found for the presentations.

Luckily, John was able to get the right connections, and the show went on without a hitch. The presentations, awards, and speeches – so creative and humorous! I hope I get the chance to go again!      

The next morning, Renato treated us all to a huge breakfast at the Comet Cafe. I was the least adventurous with my food and drink but was quite satisfied with the meal.

Photographer preparing for the timer-released group shot:

Thanks to Sarah, John, and Renato for hanging out, and showing us a good time in Wisconsin. See you soon!