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How to Curate a Gallery Wall in Your Home

Bold Presentation

In conjunction with other photography studios, I contributed to the Redfin blog. Given that they are a leading real estate website, dynamic images of homes and lifestyle are important to their clientele. Although they target people searching for a new home, they also provide resources on their blog for new homeowners now enjoying and setting up their new living space.

curate a gallery in your home with large, bold prints ©TimeLine Media

Curate a Gallery for Home

With this in mind, they reached out to photographers to give them some content about presenting photos in your home. Hanging photos is not a novel idea, however, there are many new options that update this decorating tradition. Regardless of your camera, these are available to you directly from print labs. Of course, I hope you would contact me to provide awesome images for your walls, but these options can be made from your smartphone! To see the article, here is the link on their website:

How to Curate a Gallery Wall in Your Home – Redfin

In reviewing the other contributions, there are some great suggestions for displaying photos! Because of our eyes being so calibrated to tiny screens from our phones, tablets, and computer monitors, these large prints make an impact! If you do not feel inspired by any of the images in your library currently, contact me and I would be happy to give you some ideas!

TimeLine Media –

Arthur Murray Fall Freestyles week

©TimeLine Media - business card front

Tysons, Virginia

There is lots to do before the Fall Freestyles this Friday! On this occasion, the Arthur Murray event will be this Friday and Saturday at the Sheraton Premiere in Tysons, VA. As the official photographer for the event, I am busy making some photo prints and cards to show off examples of our work at the event. We like to show off our photos as much as the dancers like to show off their skills, so I choose some of my favorite images from the professional shows at the last event to showcase our work. Here is one of the event cards I made. The cards all have images on the front, with information on the back that tells dancers where to find their photos after the event.

©TimeLine Media - business card front - for Fall Freestyles event
business card front ©TimeLine Media

I will have 3 cards there as well as posters from the other shows that were performed at the Summer Showcase. If you want to see all the cards and the posters, please come by the event! Contact the studios at if you want to observe the event from the mezzanine balcony.

Photo Posters

The photo posters I am printing are 20 x 30 inches in size. This is my favorite large print size for many reason. For one, it is very large! Just like shopping for speakers or audio equipment where louder is better, photos seem to look better LARGER! Plus the format of the image is 4×6 just like the native format out of the camera. This means that not too much cropping or changes need to be made from the original file so it makes deciding on which files to print much easier. Please come by to see them! It is much different to look at a large print, than to view these tiny images on my blog in comparison.

©TimeLine Media - professional show by Arthur Murray Columbia for Fall Freestyles event
©TimeLine Media – professional show by Arthur Murray Columbia

TimeLine Media –

TimeLine Media Proofing Site Upgrades

Panorama of Belmont Bay - iPhone 5

Whew! The upgrades to the TimeLine Media proofing site are now completed. Additionally, the changes were implemented without any hitches so far. I would like to ask a favor of those of you that have visited the site before. Could you please come back and visit the website to see if you run into any bugs? If there are any issues, I would like to see if they can be fixed before the next big event. Of course it is completely free to view, and share the photos online as always. However, if you find a photo you want as a print or digital download, you can enter the coupon code:


This will take $5 off any order placed until next Monday. I have tested the site myself, and it works for me, but experiences can be different when many people try. It is not much different in appearance from the previous version, but here is what the new site looks like!

Website Launch

New Proofing Site -
New Proofing Site –

As far as new features, there is a mobile site that is better for mobile phones to access photos. This version of the site will allow the images to be loaded faster than with the full site. In this site, you can view all the photos on the website, and mark some of your favorites as you see them. You cannot, though, purchase any products in the mobile version of the site. In order to place orders, you need to switch to the Full Site version which you can do from the Home page. Here is a screen shot of where you can switch between the 2 versions if needed:

Switch between Mobile and Full sites for buying photos
Switch between Mobile and Full sites for buying photos

Once you click on the “View full site” you will switch to the version of the site where purchases can be made from your smart phone. The full site is the default version of the site that will be shown when you are on a PC, iMac or an iPad which have larger screens. Please note that if you do may purchases on iPads or other mobile devices, you need to immediately save your photos locally to your device. The website only allows one download of your photo per purchase by default. I can reset that for you, but it would be easier to just save your download as soon as you see it.

Contact Information

I know that this is a very techy-geeky post – thanks for reading this far! If you have any problems with the site, please let me know by email: rassi @, or phone me: 703-864-8208. Thanks again, and let me know how it goes. I’ll leave you with at least one photo looking across Belmont Bay to my hometown of Woodbridge, VA – taken by my mobile phone, and developed with the Snapseed app from Google:

Panorama of Belmont Bay - iPhone 5
Panorama of Belmont Bay – iPhone 5

TimeLine Media –

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