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Eye-Opening Session with Successful Businesswomen

Studio Headshots

Overall, I learned many lessons from these successful businesswomen. Being that it is the day after the Labor Day holiday, it is an appropriate posting featuring them. Networking and events in the Tysons area put me in contact, and I was inspired with the passion they have for their work. Of course, I feel the same about my own choice of profession, however, I was energized seeing what drives them in their careers.

Trigger Point Therapist

At first, Julie is a self-described Health and Wellness Geek. In her studio, she sees patients that need help dealing with pain. Since she is an expert in trigger point therapy, she uses these pressure techniques to bring blood flow to specific areas of the body to alleviate pain. She has personal stories of overcoming injuries and having an interest in helping people. Julie is inspired to continue learning and refining her techniques. I hope her headshots convey the empathy she shows towards her clients, and her confidence in her skills to help.

Graphic Designer

Next is Jill from Huemanity Marketing. Following her work with the TEDxTysons group, I immediately saw the impact she can have for branding. While TED has as starting structure, the local organizers needed work when presenting their information to sponsors, venues, and speakers. From learning more about her client list, it is likely that DC-area residents have seen her work. Given that she started her company and now works with some large and influential companies, I am inspired to keep getting better! As a creative company, it can be difficult to know and convey your worth. She does this in such a nice way, I can see why she is so successful!

Tysons Partnership

Finally, Ronit from the Tysons Partnership came in to refresh her professional portrait. In general, traffic is a top issue when development in Tysons in considered. Ronit is the director of the Transit Management Association. She commutes into the area by train, and she lives through the options of getting around town without an automobile. Living through how things are now absolutely helps her to be an advocate for future plans! She let me know about some lesser known areas that car-riders will usually fly past on their way through. I will definitely keep her social accounts on tap as Tysons continues to grow!

TimeLine Media

TEDx Tysons Headshots

TEDxTysons headshots in the studio ©TimeLine Media

Studio Portraits

While in the studio last year, I reserved some time to make headshots for TEDx Tysons contributors. These were all done prior to the pandemic lock down. At this time they still had speaking and other events to prepare. From speaker coaching, venue logistics, and coordinating volunteers, it is a team effort to pull them off.

With this in mind, I wanted to contribute more than just the event photos to their efforts. I have been exposed to some incredible people while photographing these events. Of course, the talks and the speakers are as inspiring as you have seen on videos.

However, I have been equally inspired by the people working behind the scenes. They are driven to build a community in Tysons. Moreover, they create places for discussion with other attendees between talks. It is here that I see the power of what they are building. These ideas as spreading face to face, not on an internet comment board.

TEDxTysons headshots in the studio ©TimeLine Media
TEDx Tysons headshots in the studio ©TimeLine Media

By all means they are planning to return to their events once this is all over. For now, they have many presentations available on their YouTube channel. It is inspiring to listen, absorb, and participate!


Quarantine 2 – Video Conferencing

Quarantine 2 - Video - conference call screen shot from my setup ©TimeLine Media
Screen capture from a Zoom conference call

Home Office Setup

Since we are weeks into this quarantine – video conferences have replaced in person meetings. To be sure this is not my favorite way to network and meet business contacts. However, the current state of our world has forced this style of communication for everyone.

While the advances in technology have made the webcam an adequate conduit for this communication, I am a photographer. Thus, I want to have the best picture quality! Of course I would look better myself, but it would also help my business profile. If my little box looked the best out of all of the boxes in the meeting, it would stick with some people that I know how to make a good looking image online. Moreover, it would show how much I care about how I project myself online, and how professional I can make my clients look. To this end, I looked at how I could use my professional cameras to stream online. My lenses and lighting could then be used to elevate the look from my studio.

Quarantine 2 - Video - overview of lighting setup with laptop, camera, and lighting ©TimeLine Media
Video conference lighting setup

Quarantine 2 – Video Setup

As an overview, my laptop is positioned next to my camera on a tripod. The lens is set to a 50mm focal length. If you are using a smart phone for your calls, I would select a portrait style mode to zoom in closer to your face. Seeing that this is the most important thing to see in the video, fill your frame up with your face! The microphone captures a nice clean audio from me sitting about a foot and a half away from the camera. The background of my shot is 10 feet away from where I am sitting. With the difference in distance, the background is blurred out nicely. As long as there is some difference between you and the background, you can have this same effect.

Camera tethered for video streaming with shotgun microphone
Camera tethered for video streaming with shotgun microphone

Once you have the camera set, the HDMI cable comes out of the camera and into a video capture card. For this setup, I used the Magewell USB Capture HDMI Gen 2. From here the audio and video is transferred by USB to my laptop. From here, you can choose your USB connection as your webcam in Zoom, Skype, Facebook Messenger, whatever program you would like to use. Both your audio and video will be sent through.

HDMI to USB capture card
HDMI to USB capture card

Lighting Setup

Similar to the separation of your face from the background, the lighting setup follows. I have a very cheap shop lamp with an LED bulb to my right. It is shining into an umbrella that softens the shadows but still gives dimension. With the bright light only about a foot from my face, the exposure is set for my face with the background becoming dark. This makes for a nice dark background. As a matter of fact, this is a good way to hide a messy work room 🙂

Shop Light firing into an umbrella
Shop Light firing into an umbrella

Again this may be overkill for most video conferences. However, I want to be remembered as a photographer. With this setup, it makes it easier to make an impression as someone that produces professional images! Please let me know if you have any suggestions, or questions. I am very knew to this, but am pleased with the results so far!

Quarantine 2 - Video post results ©TimeLine Media
Quarantine 2 – Video post results ©TimeLine Media

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