Autumn Leaves

Last Sunday, a walk at Accotink Park in Springfield, VA yielded some leafy color from the autumn leaves. I thought it would be a little better with the wetter weather. Additionally we had cold starting to hit the area. However, it was a little disappointing. Some shots were worth hanging onto.

At this time, there were some very tall trees along the walking trail through the park. To get a photo from the ground to the top of the trees, I used a fisheye lens on the camera. Although there is some obvious distortion of the image, it does capture more of the length of the trees.

The autumn leaves did have some color left on the trees. Against the clear blue skies, they complimented each other especially well. Being that this was a photo where the focus went all the way to infinity, it was important to have this non-distracting background.

Comparatively, these close-up detail of a grass could not be taken without having the background competing. In other words, the background is the same color as the subject. Moreover, there is not much distance between the subject and background. So, I opened the aperture as wide as I could to blur the background in camera.

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