D.C. Photographers at the National Harbor

Last Wednesday, I was fortunate to participate in a meeting of DC Photographers. On this occasion some local wedding and portrait photographers met at the newly built National Harbor in Maryland. This was my first trip to the beautiful development. Additionally, it the first time I met some of the photographers that are in the area.

DC Photographers GTG at National Harbor

It was organized by Armin Defiesta – who was generous with his time and advice to get this thing organized. I listened to their experiences with other products and marketing techniques that I hope will help me in my photography career. We had a model, Maggie, who had patience to pose for so many of us. Of course, the camera did get turned on many of the photographers as well.

DC Photographers GTG at National Harbor

While we were spending the afternoon there, I heard about the business side of photography from many perspectives. Up until this time, I did not realize how little I have reached out to others in the industry. It was eye opening and encouraging to get my name out there!

Thanks, Armin for letting me join you! The DC photographers I met were so talented and willing to share ideas. I can’t wait for the next GTG!

DC Photographers GTG at National Harbor

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