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How to Curate a Gallery Wall in Your Home

Bold Presentation

In conjunction with other photography studios, I contributed to the Redfin blog. Given that they are a leading real estate website, dynamic images of homes and lifestyle are important to their clientele. Although they target people searching for a new home, they also provide resources on their blog for new homeowners now enjoying and setting up their new living space.

curate a gallery in your home with large, bold prints ©TimeLine Media

Curate a Gallery for Home

With this in mind, they reached out to photographers to give them some content about presenting photos in your home. Hanging photos is not a novel idea, however, there are many new options that update this decorating tradition. Regardless of your camera, these are available to you directly from print labs. Of course, I hope you would contact me to provide awesome images for your walls, but these options can be made from your smartphone! To see the article, here is the link on their website:

How to Curate a Gallery Wall in Your Home – Redfin

In reviewing the other contributions, there are some great suggestions for displaying photos! Because of our eyes being so calibrated to tiny screens from our phones, tablets, and computer monitors, these large prints make an impact! If you do not feel inspired by any of the images in your library currently, contact me and I would be happy to give you some ideas!

TimeLine Media –

Noserale Home Improvement – Professional Branding Session

Noserale Home Improvement renovation project in Reston, Virginia ©TimeLine Media
Noserale Home Improvement renovation project

Reston, Virginia

Ricardo Noserale of Noserale Home Improvement is another contact I made through networking. Occasionally, you form good working relationships with people you meet through business events, and Ricardo has become a trusted friend that I can depend on. As can be seen in the photos here, and in his work, he is much more than a handyman or contractor. Undeniably, he is a craftsman that takes pride in his work. Of course, I have seen this in work he produces for other clients, but also in my own home!

Ricardo finishing a concrete step outside a door ©TimeLine Media
Ricardo finishing a concrete step outside a door

On this occasion, Ricardo was working on renovating home in Reston. A screened-in porch was removed, and enclosed to make a new living room. While reviewing the plans that he had onsite, it was clear that this was a very large job that required a lot of skills to completely correctly. Given that he has years of experience in commercial and residential projects, Ricardo estimated two months to complete. These days in the middle of the job emphasizes his skills in both planning and construction.

Sweeping up prior to working on flooring
Noserale Home Improvement working on a sanding a floor with sparks ©TimeLine Media
Sparks flying while smoothing out the base surface

It is a privilege to see experts at work. Since this session, the homeowners are enjoying their large new living room. Ricardo not only is a master at construction, but he cares about how you will live in your home after he leaves. While it can be stressful to have work done in your house, rest assured Ricardo and NHI is a company you can trust to do it right “with no shortcuts”.

TimeLine Media –

JB Branding Session

JB Branding session for fashion, and portrait profiles ©TimeLine Media

Springfield, Virginia

This JB Branding session was a referral from Nam Nguyen. JB is one of his clients, and she was looking to upgrade her personal images. Seeing that these would be used for different purposes, the shoot involved different looks. When I arrived, Nam was finishing with her makeup. For the first setup, we went out to the garden. Since this was one of her passions, she wanted to have action photos of her working there. Due to the beautiful but large tree in her backyard, I brought out a large flash to light up her face. Balancing the flash with the tones of her plants, we had a natural look to these images that don’t look too artificial.

After changing out of her gardening clothes, she put on a solid top. Whenever I do a portrait shoot, I take time for a simple headshot. Because they are useful for many situations, I do this with every subject given that they have the time.

Similar to the gardening photos outside, we made some photos of her arranging flowers inside. In order to make sure she popped out of a very colorful frame, we chose a dark blue top. This color really complimented the colorful flowers!

Flower and JB at her branding session ©TimeLine Media
JB Branding photo session ©TimeLine Media
JB Branding photo session ©TimeLine Media

TimeLine Media –

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