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Autumn Leaves

Last Sunday, a walk at Accotink Park in Springfield, VA yielded some leafy color from the autumn leaves. I thought it would be a little better with the wetter weather. Additionally we had cold starting to hit the area. However, it was a little disappointing. Some shots were worth hanging onto.

At this time, there were some very tall trees along the walking trail through the park. To get a photo from the ground to the top of the trees, I used a fisheye lens on the camera. Although there is some obvious distortion of the image, it does capture more of the length of the trees.

The autumn leaves did have some color left on the trees. Against the clear blue skies, they complimented each other especially well. Being that this was a photo where the focus went all the way to infinity, it was important to have this non-distracting background.

Comparatively, these close-up detail of a grass could not be taken without having the background competing. In other words, the background is the same color as the subject. Moreover, there is not much distance between the subject and background. So, I opened the aperture as wide as I could to blur the background in camera.

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Winter Coming!

It was a pleasant summer in Northern VA this year. However, the change of seasons reminds us that winter is coming. For my uncle, he has had another amazing year for flowers! He takes a lot of time and effort to plant, feed, water, and maintain many roses, lillies, pansies, and other flowers in front of my mother’s house.

They always give me great opportunities to work out my macro lenses! These are film scans of Fujifilm Velvia 50 that I had left over from school (the sloppy border is added for fun). It’s amazing the amount of color and saturation this film provides.

Looking through slides is very old-school these days, but my eyes have a vastly different reaction when looking through transparent chromes. I don’t know if it really is a more analog/organic process, or if my eyes are just “used” to looking at pictures through a computer monitor. However, I really enjoy viewing pictures this way!

Unfortunately, it is just getting harder and harder to find good labs that will process E-6 films locally. Not to mention the up-front costs of film, the time to develop, the time to scan into the computer, etc. But I do have a collection of slides that I’m proud of. Additionally, I have some black-and-white negatives that I processed myself. I’ll see if any others are worth posting!

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Summer Fun!

It’s been a crazy summer, so I have not had a chance to update this blog. What have I been up to? I have photographed some weddings, some parties, some portraits, and a lot of family get-togethers. Here are some of my favorites – some not portfolio worthy, but some great memories. Here are some pics from when my cousin Christina visited after working at Busch Gardens for her summer break. Enjoy!

My cousin and her friends leaving for home after their summer break

Visiting the airport is always filled with lots of energy! There is a lot to do, and many tasks you need to get done. Additionally, there is the emotions of separating from friends or family. At this time, it was a happy sendoff. My cousin worked close by during her summer break. Now, she was returning to the Philippines with her friends. Obviously I was impressed with what she has accomplished. Being that she is coming halfway around the world to work, I am wondering if I could do something like that. Considering she had to work speaking a language that is not native to her, in a part of the world she is not familiar, that is impressive. Best of luck Christina, and I hope we get to see each other again in the future!

my uncle and mom watching my cousin check in for her flight after summer break


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