Complete Penthouse Project – Judith Weisman Interiors

Room in a complete penthouse project in Maryland ©TimeLine Media

Bethesda, Maryland

Today’s post looks back at a complete Penthouse project by Judith S Weisman Interiors. While working with other creatives can be stressful to some, I try to be as collaborative as possible. Not only does it make my attitude during an event more pleasant, it helps to bring people together as a team. For me, it makes the photos look much better when I review them later! In this case, Judith was terrific in showing off her work on this amazing home.

Art displayed at a condo in Maryland ©TimeLine Media

In light of the homeowner’s extensive art collection, their viewability was the overall goal of the design. Large open spaces that allowed natural light through. Judith really set the myriad of pieces in the home that gave them their own space to be appreciated.

Room in a complete penthouse project in Maryland ©TimeLine Media
Room in a complete penthouse project in Maryland ©TimeLine Media
Art displayed at a condo in Maryland ©TimeLine Media

As can be seen, there was a lot to visually take in. In fact, this looked like a museum set inside a home! Each room had numerous art pieces, but also had seating and other comforts making it a livable space. Being that all the surfaces looked new, I was appreciative of all the details that went into the complete penthouse project. It was a daunting task to document all that had been done. Be that as it may, I can see the collaboration between Judith, the designer, and the homeowner to pull it all together.

Complete Penthouse Project

Bedroom in a complete penthouse project in Maryland ©TimeLine Media
Library in a penthouse in Maryland ©TimeLine Media


Viking – Stunning Views Remarkable Service

European River Cruise

Although the sites of the French riverside were the reason for us to go there for vacation, it was the staff on the Viking Heimdal that impressed us the most. Undeniably their online and television ads paint the picture of an effortless way to tour many cities. However, when you see how smoothly they run an ambitious operation, you must give credit to the staff that work incredibly hard over your cruise.

Firstly, the hotel manager and the cruise director have the most attention of the guests. Not only do they give you updates daily on the itineraries, but they are the point of contact for any of your needs while on your trip. Undoubtedly managing the whereabouts of all the passengers is a daunting task, but they seem to do it with a smile from early in the morning, to late at night. Indeed, I have admired how much they happily work while attempting to satisfy the requests of so many travelers!

Viking Staff

In like fashion, a long river cruise ship requires a crew to physically ensure the boat is docked securely at each port. Being that a river has numerous bridges, the crew needed to be at the ready in case high waters required the preparation of the top deck from possible damage as we passed under. Of course, I thought that this needed to be done. However, the efficiency we saw every day as the ship continued up the river was like clockwork.

While on board, the food is better than at most restaurants I usually visit! Regardless of your dietary needs, they have plenty of options. From breakfast to dinner, they fuel you up for as much activity as you can take throughout the day. Surprisingly, they have a small onboard kitchen, but they produce more food than expected on every day of the cruise! Thanks especially to Robbie Sheriffs, the hotel manager that coordinated all of our needs while on board. He and his staff made our vacation better than we expected! Thanks to everyone on the Viking Heimdal for a beautiful cruise.


Vienne and Lyon – Cultural Heart of France

Roman Temple in Vienne, France ©TimeLine Media

Viking River Cruise

As our vacation on the Rhone River came to a close, we visited the cities of Vienne and Lyon. Besides become more populated as we went north, the terrain of the area also seemed to grow. As can be seen, we were hiking as high up the valley terrain as we could go. Vienne is home to many ancient Roman buildings that survive next to modern shops and cafes. Our tour guide pointed out the similarity of the design of the Temple of Augustus & Livia to buildings much closer to home. Thomas Jefferson, who visited Vienne while he was ambassador to France, used this temple as inspiration for buildings in the United States! Bring from Virginia, this was immediately apparent.

Night illumination of the Temple of August & Livia ©TimeLine Media
Vienne and the Rhone River from Mount Pipet ©TimeLine Media
Vienne with its ancient Roman Theater in the foreground ©TimeLine Media

During a hike up Mount Pipet above the city, you are given a beautiful panoramic view of the city. Directly below you is the Roman theater that holds up to 13,000 spectators. The theater was buried for centuries. In the 1930x, it was uncovered completely. It is subsequently used for modern performances including the Vienna Jazz Festival which attracts international performers and audiences.

Vienne and Lyon

Lyon is the largest city on this trip. The Rhone and Saone river converge here at this second largest city of France. To be sure we saw the art and food that elevates this city to international fame. From the galleries, to large food halls with chefs on large advertisements, they have impressive diversity of culture throughout. Following our arrival discovering favorite areas was easy in this accessible area. The Old Town was walkable and accessible. At this time, we interacted with more of the people visiting the area, and we had many friendly interactions. Especially at the photo store where I was able to get a few of my favorite images printed to give as gifts to our tour operators.

Little did we think that only a few months later more Americans would flood the city to support the Women’s National Soccer team! The finals of the tournament is scheduled to be in Lyon where the United States brought home the top trophy again. Although we were not there for such a large event, we can see how this city has the capacity to host such an important, international tournament. Picturesque views as well as the best that France can offer in food helps to put their best foot forward. We enjoyed our short trip, and we look forward to a future trip to the south of France!


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