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Photography Practice

I am a medium sports fan. Overall, there are teams that I follow closely, and some sports that I follow as they get into their playoffs or get ready to crown their new champions. On the sporting-related channels, there is no shortage of behind the scenes shows that tell the story of the athletes and coaches away from the playing field. They detail their preparation, work, and practice that they do long before the games.

Dachshund laying in grass - ©TimeLine Media
Dachshund laying in grass – ©TimeLine Media

Honing Skills

Practice is what separates the professionals from the enthusiasts. The same is true in photography. The value of the equipment can only be fully realized by those that have taken the time to experiment. Emphatically, you need to test, and repetitively work the action until it becomes natural. In looking through my portfolio, it is easy to see how you progress as you work.

Storm clouds - ©TimeLine Media
Storm clouds – ©TimeLine Media

This also applies to when you do the practice. Doing this on a paying job is not recommended! You need to practice this before you are in front of a client. You can really test the limits of your equipment, and see what is possible with different setups. If you are at a wedding, or you have a corporate client waiting for you to make an exposure, you need to have all the technical details worked out. They do not have the time, nor are they interested in waiting for you to test when they have guests to see, or work that needs their attention.

Cupcake photographs - ©TimeLine Media
Cupcake photographs – ©TimeLine Media

Any opportunity that you have your camera can be a time to test. You do not have to have a personal project in mind, but have a piece of equipment, or a specific technique in mind. This will make your effort to “take your camera with your wherever you go” more productive. You already have the basic, automatic settings down after a few shoots with your gear, so push yourself to try something different. It has made me better prepared when faced with different shooting situations.

Pet portrait - ©TimeLine Media
Pet portrait – ©TimeLine Media

TimeLine Media –

Dog Sitting Mission Complete

©TimeLine Media - dog sitting portraits

The house is a lot quieter now. Our two little guests for the week have gone back home. Having never had dogs growing up, it was a new experience for me. How nice it was to have them so happy to see you as you come through the door! It was a great week of learning to put them on harnesses and leashes for walks, helping them up and down couches, holding raw hides for them to chew, all the basic dog sitting duties.

©TimeLine Media - dachshunds on a walk
©TimeLine Media – dachshunds on a walk

I hope they enjoyed their time here – we did our best, but I am sure they are happy to be in their home today. One this is for sure, there are probably less camera shutters and flashes in their face! I took lots of photos while they were here – getting them tired made them perfect portrait subjects. I was able to experiment with my 2 trigger, one camera setup, as well as other things that I will be using in upcoming shoots.

©TimeLine Media - dog sitting portraits
©TimeLine Media – dog sitting portraits

Another reminder about the end of the early bird 20% off sale on the photos from the New Jersey State Open. The website is working overtime to show the photos from the statistics that I see! I have received lots of emails about them, and I have helped lots of couples find their photos online. If you were at the event and need any help to find yours, please email or call. Thank you!

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Models in Residence

©TimeLine Media - dachshund portraits

It is so nice to have portrait models around all the time to practice! We have been dog sitting and I have taken the opportunity to make lots of images of our two visitors. They are half-sibling mini dachshunds, and are two of the easiest subjects to photograph. I have known a few dachshunds, and these two are the most un-dachshund like I have met. Not terribly territorial, or very loud. They do like their walks, and chasing squirrels. Luckily for the camera, they like their down time. I dragged out some flashes and lenses and tried some things while they were available. Max is up first – he kept me from working the most during the week! The weather is not as great out there, but I hope you make some nice photos this weekend too.

Pets at Home

©TimeLine Media - dachshunds as models
©TimeLine Media – dachshunds as models
©TimeLine Media - dachshunds as models
©TimeLine Media – dachshunds as models

Busy week coming up! I am going to some events this weekend to edit. Then next Saturday is the Arthur Murray Fall Showcase – our last event that we will cover for them this year. It will be great to see the new routines that the dancers and instructors have been working on these last few months. The photos will be posted to the proofing site as usual. Also stay tuned for some exciting new for your holiday gift shopping!

©TimeLine Media - dachshund model collage
©TimeLine Media – dachshund model collage

TimeLine Media –

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