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Next picture…

Post featuring a photo of the capitol building in Madison, Wisconsin. On this occasion, I was on a business trip to Wisconsin. Even though there was some networking going on at a nearby bar, I sneaked out to get some nice blue-hour photos of this building central to the town emotionally and geographically. In post processing, I added a glowing effect on the edges to add to the feel of the early evening.

I was talking to my cousin Ron this past weekend. (I really need to stay connected with family more than I have…) In any case, he asked if I had a website for my budding photography business. I do have one officially which is a rough work in progress. It is for the company that I started with my friend, Charlie, to do photography and videography [ ]. I’m going to try to keep posting interesting pictures to my blog to reflect, remember, and hopefully, learn.

So, Ranniel, this first one is for you! This is a picture I took of the Wisconsin state capitol building in March 2007 when I was in Madison for a leadership conference at my previous job. It is a great university city with lots of photographic opportunities.

Capitol building in Madison, Wisconsin in the early evening ©TimeLine Media


Pet Photos

I photographer Napoleon, a little poodle this past weekend. He was a good subject for pet photos. His owner brought him over in hopes to get some lifestyle photos. Since he has so much personality, it did not take much to get something from. In general, he did not mind the camera! Additionally, he did not mind running around with us attempting to get reactions out of him. Moreover, the day was beautiful! While there is a definite difference between people and animals, I found some interesting parallels. Making portraits is all about making a connection with your subject, and waiting for the right moment!

pet photos of Napoleon the poodle
Making some pet photos with Napoleon in an open field

On this occasion, the fisheye was perfect for the little guy. He is built so close to the ground, so I tried the bulbous wide angle to try something different. It worked especially when I just extended my arms close to the ground without my eye to the viewfinder. From this low angle, you get a view similar to what the dog sees. Given that it allows Napoleon to be framed by the cloud-filled sky, I was very pleased with the capture.

Napoleon, a poodle, in a field in Fairfax, Virginia
Napoleon the poodle in an open field


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