Julie and Ashwood – Summer Wedding

summer wedding in Paris, Virginia ©TimeLine Media

Paris, Virginia

Julie and Ashwood gathered on July 4 weekend for a beautiful summer wedding in mountains of Virginia. Situated on a hill above the town of Paris, these two found this rustic home to be their venue. Since they had never seen the place in person, we met the day before to scout out the best places for the ceremony. The house had beautiful grounds, and was easy to navigate, so we had some extra time together. Being that this was the first time I met the bride; it was a perfect chance to get acquainted.

As we made some photos together, I enjoyed getting some insight into their relationship. Although they do not have a ‘typical’ route to marriage, Ashwood and Julie have an amazing connection. Undoubtedly this lock down time has clarified their bond and brought them to the realization that they should take this step together.

Ashwood writing his vows prior to the ceremony ©TimeLine Media

Anytime a couple requests that you photograph their wedding, I am extremely honored. It is a privilege to be in the middle of this important event especially one that is happening in the 2020 pandemic. On this occasion, a limited number of people could attend. In fact, none of the bride’s family could attend in person! As a result, multiple virtual conference rooms were setup so they could view the ceremony from Europe.

wedding rings for a summer wedding in Paris, Virginia ©TimeLine Media
Julie in a robe from her mother while getting ready for the ceremony ©TimeLine Media
Julie on a video conference with her family prior to her wedding ceremony in Paris, Virginia ©TimeLine Media
Ashwood waits for his bride prior to their wedding ceremony in Paris, Virginia ©TimeLine Media
The bride and groom arrive for the start of their wedding ceremony ©TimeLine Media
Summer Wedding for Ashwood and Julie in Paris, Virginia ©TimeLine Media
Summer Wedding for Ashwood and Julie in Paris, Virginia ©TimeLine Media
The family celebrates the summer wedding of Julie and Ashwood in Paris, Virginia ©TimeLine Media
Portrait of Ashwood and Julie after their summer wedding in Paris, Virginia ©TimeLine Media

Photography Friendship

As I said previously, it is always a privilege to photograph a wedding. However, Ashwood is such a good friend. Years ago, he took a chance on my photography to cover the first TEDxTysons events. Everything was new for us as he and his partners were just starting this endeavor. Whereas he could have the choice of using other photographers, he continues to support what I do by having me back. As I have come to realize, I should always take his call. He has given me access to panoramic views, mind-changing talks, influential thinkers. These two days top them all.

Congratulations, Ashwood and Julie!

Ashwood and Julie with their family after their summer wedding in Paris, Virginia ©TimeLine Media

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2 Comments on Julie and Ashwood – Summer Wedding

  1. joost rieter
    July 29, 2020 at 3:53 am

    Thanks Rassi,
    Ashwood send us some of the weddingpictures , and we love them. Especially since we could not be present , and will only see our married daughter 8/8 and Ashwood for the first time end august in Holland. So again “Thanks for inviting us “ via your excellent work!
    Joost & Betty Rieter

  2. rassi
    July 29, 2020 at 6:12 am

    Thank you for stopping to see this sample of their photos! I enjoyed meeting your daughter – she put together a beautiful wedding day.

    My wife and I had a chance to see a little of the Netherlands on a vacation two years ago. We would love to go back to explore more. It is an awesome photography destination!


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